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The Institute of Economics and Management (IEM) offers more than 30 academic options in several subject areas at the main Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) campus in Ufa.



Subject Areas


• Applied Microeconomics


• Labor Economics


• Microeconomic theory


• Business cycles


• The design of monetary and fiscal policies


• Economic growth and development


• Unemployment


• Inflation and price dynamics


• The political determinants of macroeconomic policies


• Economic Theory


• Game theory


• Economics of information and uncertainty


• Dynamical models of growth and equilibrium


• Political Economy


• International Trade


• Financial Economics


• Development Economics


• Inequality and poverty


• Labour markets


• Globalization


• Econometrics


• Public Economics


• Market Design


• Monetary Economics


• The economics of the firm and industrial economics


• Financial markets and banking


• Transaction costs and firms


• Models of trade with firm heterogeneity


• Financial markets and banking


• International industrial organization


• Innovation and trade


• Innovation and productivity


• Industrial organization


• Economics of technology


• Environmental, resource and energy economics






FUTURE Economics, Finance and Management PROFESSIONALS


We offer unique opportunities to explore a longstanding tradition of excellence

in R.F. Economics, Finance and Management Education.


Benefit from leading Russian programs.


Become industry-ready graduates.


Select your major, schedule a visit and study with us.





Welcome to the Institute of Economics and Management (IEM)!


The Institute of Economics and Management, located in USATU, is dedicated to excellence in research, teaching and service.


 Our faculty, productive and research-oriented, is committed to conduct cutting-edge research in economics and to teach students at the undergraduate and graduate level the methodology and ideas of modern economics.


Our goal is the advancement of economic science and to train the next generation of professional economists, for academia, the government and the private sector.


Our courses are taught by academics who are regular members of national panels and research groups and lecture to universities, government agencies, and institutions around the country.


Our faculty represent a broad array of disciplines within economics and provide close student-faculty interaction in and out of the classroom with helping our students achieve their educational and career objectives.


The Institute of Economics and Management offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


 Our courses combine all the core analytical and quantitative techniques required by modern economics graduates.


Among the most popular at USATU, our undergraduate offerings include a Major and Minor in Economics and a variety of certificate programs. For graduate students, there is a Ph.D. in Economics.


All of our students undertake research projects, some of which have been published in professional journals, in close collaboration with members of the faculty.


Our graduate students are employed at universities in the R.F. at government agencies both here and abroad, and at numerous prominent private sector employers.


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