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• Manufacturing Engineering Technology

• Mechanical Engineering Technology

• Material Science and Technology

• Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

• Materials Processing

• Robotics and Automation

• Metrology and Quality Assurance






Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science is one of nine academic divisions at Ufa State Aviation Technical University, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in a wide range of Engineering Technology disciplines.



The division includes eight academic departments, centers, and institutes:


  • Material Science and Metal Physics,
  • Department of Fundamentals of Machine and Mechanism Design,
  • Department of Industrial Automation,
  • Department of Casting Equipment and Technology,
  • Department of Mechanical Design Technology,
  • Department of Standardization and Metrology,
  • Department of Centre for Open Research Resources and Equipment «NANOTECH»,
  • the USATU Research Centre in the Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science


  • The Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials (IPAM) ,
  • the USATU Research Centre in the Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science





Degree offered


The IATM offers:

• 12 Undergraduate Degrees (Bachelor’s),

• 19 Graduate Degrees (11 Master’s, 1 Engineer's, 7 Doctoral)


In addition to Aviation Technical University’s main campus in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science (IATM) offers select degree programs in five cities of Bashkortostan.


Our academic programs combine integrated approach to learning and teaching, practical projects, science based programs, competency-based credentialing, and a series of experiential components such as industry-sponsored senior capstone projects, internships, and certification-earning activities. 


The Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science teaching experience is designed to produce practitioner-oriented engineering technology professionals and future leaders who have deep technical knowledge and applied skills in their chosen discipline, and can contribute to problem-solving, critical thinking, communications, and business results through application of engineering technology.





Research within the unit also continues to expand and strengthen, with several signature areas propelling the unit to the technological and scientific forefront:


• Robotics, Manufacturing, and Automation

• Manufacturing Engineering Technology

• Mechanical Engineering Technology

• Material Science and Nanotechnology, including

• fundamental studies aimed at obtaining new knowledge on the structure and properties of nanostructured structural and functional materials;
• development of severe plastic deformation (SPD) processing techniques for fabrication of bulk ultrafine-grained (UFG) and nanostructured materials;
• development and introduction of technologies for production of semi-products and products from nanostructured commercial metals and alloys, as well as intermetallics;
• development of recommendations on the practical use of the obtained research results and participation in their commercialization;
• training of highly-qualified scientific, engineering and technical personnel.


Whether delivering an integrated learning experience to produce industry-ready graduates who possess problem-solving, critical thinking, communications for today’s engineering and technology and have leadership skills sought by industries and society or carrying out use-inspired research to advance the science and technology and help our nation, the Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science is committed to be a competitive professional.


The Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science was founded in 1942 as Ufa Aviation Institute’s Department of Aerospace Technology.


It was renamed Aerospace Technology and Systems Institute in 2016, and in 2017, the University’s Board approved its current name in support of the division’s transformation


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