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Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science



Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science (IATMS) offers more than 30 academic options in several subject areas at the main Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) campus in Ufa.


Subject Areas


• Mechanical Engineering Technology

• Manufacturing Engineering Technology

• Materials Technology

• Nanomaterials

• Metal treatment

• Casting

• Welding

• Metal treatment

• Automation and Robotics

• Metrology and Quality Assurance







We offer unique opportunities to explore a longstanding tradition of excellence

in R.F. Engineering Technology Education.

Benefit from leading Russian programs.

Become industry-ready graduates.

Select your major, schedule a visit and study with us.






Welcome to the Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science (IATMS)!


Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science (IATMS) is committed to being region’s main provider of engineering technology education and research.


Our Academic Programs combine project-oriented approach to learning, extensive international experience, and strong links with business and government.


Our outstanding Faculty and Staff prepare students for technology-driven carriers in a modern manufacturing engineering by challenging them to discover their potential in research and practice, develop professional and project management skills, and act responsibly as a team members.


In your classrooms you will be taught by faculty members who are nationally and often globally recognized for their expertise.


Many of them are world known researchers and consultants to top national industrial companies and government agencies.


They also serve on the boards of directors of various for profit and non-profit organizations as well as startup companies.


They are outstanding teachers who are thoroughly dedicated to the professional promotion of our students.


You will get a great chance to learn from them and interact with them closely on research in state-of-the art facilities in such emerging areas as fabrication of bulk ultrafine-grained (UFG) and nanostructured materials, production of semi-products and products from nanostructured commercial metals and alloys, as well as intermetallics, and nanotechnology.



The institute has well-established relationships with business and government, our graduate students have made efforts for research internships and fellowships at top national industrial agencies like Ufa Engine Industrial Association and organizations of Rostec Corporation, as well as with corporate partners.


We are proud of our student activities, such as numerous student research projects funded by grants and foundations, where undergraduates manage a portfolio or their publication in academic journals, conference presentations or student’s participation in a range of national and international research conferences, where students discuss current engineering technology issues with executives.


In these and other organized activities, students apply their professional knowledge to real life situations, help the region, and build their leadership skills.

These are the students who, after they graduate, hold prominent positions in international, national and USATU’ organizations, run small and large industrial companies, and serve as successful engineers and technologies, project managers and consultants. 


We have a longstanding tradition of excellence in R.F. Engineering Technology Education, offering academic degrees in engineering technology since 1940s .


University IATM Academic Programs maintain the highest level of accreditation offered by the Federal state budjet agency « National Accreditation Agency in education sphere», national accrediting body recognized by the federal government.


The Institute of Aerospace Technology and Material Science (IATMS) academic programs are nationally accredited by this agency, and national accreditation is the highest standard for universities in the Russian Federation.


The agency sets a standard of integrity for universities, taking into consideration various factors, including the academic mission, strategy, resources, assessment process, teaching effectiveness, student learning, and usefulness of curricula.


When you receive a degree from our nationally accredited academic institution you will enhance prospective of your future employment, as the standard of quality is acknowledged across the country.


By attending our nationally accredited program, you'll benefit from recognized achievement at the collegiate level as determined by the Federal state budjet agency « National Accreditation Agency in education sphere».


These distinctions – our long-term traditions and experience in higher education, fully accredited academic programs, dynamic research activities, state of the art facilities and strong industrial partnerships with the leading technology-oriented national companies - demonstrate the quality of our faculty and the relevance of our curriculum.


We invite you to learn about our programs and faculty. Please read the materials on our web page, and, please contact as and study with us!



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