• Department of Engineering Cybernetics


  • Department of Computational Mathematics and Engineering Cybernetics


  • Department of Automated Management Systems


  • Department of Computing and Information Security


  • Department of Geographical Information Systems


  • Department of Informatics


  • Department of Finance, Currency in Circulation and Economic Security





Core Laboratories:


  • Learning Laboratory for Electronic Systems


  • Industrial and Autonomous Mobile Robotics Laboratory


  • Automatic Control Systems of Manufacturing and Technological Processes Laboratory


  • Business Analytics and Electronic Business Laboratory


  • Software and Computing Laboratory


  • Computational and Information Systems Laboratory: Mathematics for Information Systems


  • Laboratory for Web Programming


  • Functional Logic Programming and Parallel Programming Laboratory


  • Science Learning Laboratory for Data Analysis and Investigation on Computational Experiments


  • Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling


  • Science Learning Laboratory for Software Engineering


  • Laboratory for Computing and Network Systems Administration


  • Laboratory for Integrated Information Management Systems


  • Laboratory of Optoelectronic Devices for Information Storage and Processing


  • Electronics and Networks Laboratory




Organizational Units


  • Office of the Dean


  • Office of the Deputy Dean


  • Office of the Deputy Dean for Technical and Administrative Management