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The Faculty of Informatics and Robotics (FIR) offers more than 40 academic options in several subject areas at the main Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) campus in Ufa.



Subject Areas



• Informatics and Computing

• Technical Systems Management

• Systems Analysis and IT Project Management

• Mathematics for Information Systems

• Software Engineering

• Business Informatics

• Applied Informatics

• Information Security

• Cyber Security for Law Enforcement Industry

• Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering






FUTURE Informatics and Robotics PROFESSIONALS



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 Welcome to the Faculty of Informatics and Robotics (FIR)! 



Recently computers and computing are essential part of our lives. Computing is the irreplaceable tool revolutionizing the process of research, development, and discovery in various fields of engineering and science. The societal impact of computing continues to enhance as computers become more broadly accessible. Furthermore, the foundations of computing also continue to change at an astounding tempo. New IT technologies, modern processors, mobile computing and cloud computing are transforming the area of computing, new perspectives are ascending as computer science becomes mostly multidisciplinary. Professional and competitive skills in computer science are in the great demand by leading employers across a wide range of industries. A rigorous Informatics and Robotics Faculty is essential to USATU’s mission to be a leading national university that prepares students to contribute to the achievements of society and education.


The Faculty is proud of strong position of leadership in computing in the region, representing numerous industrial links and projects. The Faculty is continuing this direction by advancing the frontiers of computing.


Our mission is represented by creation and spread of relevant knowledge, provision with a service required to our partners — both the local USATU partners and the broader partners beyond the campus. We are committed to serve as a center of expertise in information technologies for our university, our collaborators and our industry partners.


On the research front of the Faculty, our staff and students are exploring innovative ideas in a wide range of areas such as parallel computing, text and data analytics, programming, fundamental principles of logic and discrete mathematics through the application of those principles to voting and driving robots.


On the educational front, the Faculty place successful researchers in the classroom with our undergraduates, graduate and postgraduate students. Education at the Faculty is a contact sport, with myriad opportunities for students and faculty to interact. Many our undergraduates work in faculty research programs; those opportunities start with enthusiasm in the classroom. On the subject of service, the Faculty serve on a wide range of advisory, consultancy and professional committees, support local tasks on technology issues.



USATU’s Informatics and Robotics Faculty is an attractive and inspiring place. We aims to encourage our prospective students with the relevant information about the Faculty and academic degree programs by this web site, to provide students with information on a broad range of topics, including our events calendar, the undergraduate program and the graduate program. If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student in computer science, we will assist you to visit the USATU campus and interact with members of our Informatics and Robotics community to learn more about who we are.


A central part of our Informatics and Robotics Faculty's goals is to perform modern research in Informatics and Robotics by focusing our efforts in various specialization areas represented but not limited by: Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, Programming Languages and Software Engineering, Computer Engineering and Systems. The research topics include computer graphics, computational logic, data mining, geometric modeling, machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics, cyber-physical systems, databases, embedded systems, distributed computing, mobile computing, networks, operating systems, and secure systems, compilers, inexact computing, parallel software, programming languages, programming tools, software engineering, and software verification.

The Faculty members are also interested in research themes that cut across these specialization areas, e.g., in high performance computing, formal methods and verification, cybersecurity, bioinformatics, and data science. The Faculty do efforts to rich a compelling strategic opportunity for growing a data science initiative in light of the need for analyzing data. Our multi-disciplinary research activities go beyond engineering. Some achievements in the Faculty can be found in our research on medical imaging, and public policy. Many of these external collaborations are fostered by local institutions and foundations.



USATU’s Informatics and Robotics Faculty offers rigorous graduate and undergraduate degree programs that balance theory and practice. The Faculty undergraduate curriculum includes a core set of courses that teach skills common to all areas in computer science, as well as specialized courses that delve more deeply into specific areas. The Faculty also offers a set of introductory computing courses that teach computational thinking and basic programming skills and are open to anyone. These introductory computing courses provide a solid foundation for future studies in computer science.


The Faculty courses and research opportunities are represented (but not limited) by disciplines, including: Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Computer Games, Machine Learning, Robotics, Software Engineering, Man-Machine Interfaces, Communication Networks, Algorithmics, Computer Graphics, and Computer Vision.


The Faculty flexible undergraduate degree permits students to choose programs of study that range from an intense focus on the core aspects of computing science, to explorations of interdisciplinary connections with other fields. We also offer an honors program that encourages talented and motivated students to work with the Faculty to design their own path.


We have received numerous projects for the work done by the Faculty, some of the brightest opportunities in the region. As one of the top research-intensive Informatics and Robotics Faculty in the region, it is an excellent place to pursue graduate studies.


The Faculty is committed to a growing our outreach program that also can include summer camps for all ages, and internships for high school students.


Members of the Faculty of Informatics and Robotics have received national and international recognition, a point of pride for the Faculty, and also a proof to the support, facilities and opportunities opened at the USATU’s Faculty of Informatics and Robotics.


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