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• Physics of Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Systems


• Study and Numerical Simulation of Forming Processes of Plastic Deformation.

• Study and Modelling of Plastic Deformation


• Vibrational Spectroscopy and Supramolecular Dynamics in Electrolyte Solutions and Binary Solvent Blends


• Quantum-Chemical Modelling of Supramolecular Structure and Energy and Vibrational Spectra


• Studying Short-Range Order and the Supramolecular Organization of Molecules in Binary Solvent Mixtures of Dipolar Aprotic Solvents


• The Influence of Solvent, Ionic Hydrogen Bond, Ion-exchange reaction, cation and complex ions on the characteristic time for vibrational dephasing, reorientation and modulation of anion oscillatory frequency.



• Study on Regularity and Mechanism of High-Speed Dissolution Behavior in Advanced Materials Using Direct and Pulse Current


• Development of Electrochemical Final Polishing Technology

• Study of Corrosion and Electrochemical Properties of Ultrafine Crystals and Nanocrystals


• Plastic Deformation Influence on Corrosion- and a High Speed Dissolution Behavior of Coarse Grained and Ultrafine Grained Materials


• Electrocrystallization mechanism of metal and alloy surfaces at triboactivation and transient conditions, during formation of modified lubricants and Solid Lubricating Layers


• Developing Methods of Light-directed chemical synthesis for substance and Material takeoffs


• Developing the Science Base and Assays to Create and modify Polymers, Composites and nanomaterials with functional properties



• Mathematical modelling


• Computer Simulation and Modeling of Physical and Chemical Processes for Complex technical systems

• Group analysis of differential equations


• Hybrid high-performance computing (HPC)




• Accelerating High Performance Computing Applications


• New industrial production and technologies for lightweight, high-strength turbine blades and nodes for next-generation gas-turbine engines (Government decree №218)



• Developing Software for 3D geological and hydrodynamic modeling of Oilfield

• Modeling Complex Chemical Reactions inside devices for the oil and gas industry


• Parallel Computing and distributed data processing (DDP) for technological and Physical processes modeling: Technology implementation


Implementing Parallel Processing


Implementing parallel processing and parallel database technology


• Modelling of friction seam welding




• Group analysis of differential equations of applied mathematics and mechanics, hydrodynamics and gas dynamics, mathematical statistics




• MATHEMATICAL MODELING in aerospace and mechanical engineering


• Software development for modelling of oil extraction and transportation



• Function theory


• Complex analysis

• Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics


• Nonlinear systems


• Approximate symmetries and solutions of the Kompaneets equation


• Approximated conservation laws for the nonlinear wave equations in anisotropic media having a source


• Symmetry properties for systems of two ordinary fractional differential equations


• Collapse on instant source of gas on straight line


• Approximate symmetries and solutions of the Kompaneets equation



•  Study  On Linguistic Mechanism


• Mechanisms of regulation in speech




• Social Stratification in the Republic of Bashkortostan


• Contemporary Issues in the Republic of Bashkortostan: History and Culture


• The Continuity of Intellectual Values in the Russian Society


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