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The Faculty of General Science (FGS) offers more than 11 academic options in several subject areas at the main Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) campus in Ufa.




Subject Areas



• Mathematical modelling


• Applied Mathematics and Differential Equations


• Physical Applied Mathematics


• Computational Science & Numerical Analysis


• Theoretical Physics


• Control and Dynamical System


• Fluid Mechanics


• Probability & Statistics


• Analysis & PDEs


• Dynamic modelling and simulation


• Numerical algorithms for large space structures


• Group-Theoretic Methods in Mechanics and Applied Mathematics


• Computational Methods and Function Theory


• Visualization


• Data intensive computing


• Advanced architectures


•  Theoretical computer science


• Geological modeling


• Physics of Interfaces and Nanomaterials


• Supramolecular Systems


• Modelling of Plastic Deformation


• Supramolecular dynamics


• Cellular and Supramolecular Structure and Function


•Anion Effects on the Ion Exchange Process


• Ion-exchange reaction


•Electrochemical mechanical polishing technology


• Ultrafine Grained Materials


• Combinatorial chemistry


• Polymers


• Composite materials


• Modeling Chemical Reactions


• Chemical Reaction Imaging


•Mechanisms of regulation in speech


• Contemporary Issues in the Republic of Bashkortostan: History and Culture









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Welcome to the Faculty of General Science (FGS)!




The Faculty of General Science at USATU is a large community of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and staff dedicated to promoting excellence in teaching and research. Our research-intensive Faculty is the place to our undergraduate and graduate students working to learn about and explore the boundaries of scientific knowledge.


Over specialists work to provide educational and research opportunities for students, and conduct a research in fields that span from the physical sciences (chemistry, physics) to the mathematical and computational sciences. Students are taught by leading scientific researchers, in fields ranging from study of characterization of materials to ground-breaking exploration of various areas of mathematics and computer science.


We are committed to bringing research into the classroom and enriching technology to improve the student experience, whether it is with our planning resource for students.


Our courses designed to introduce students to the many facets of science or offering many first year courses in a blended format with modules complementing lecture hours.


Continuing the Faculty’s strong tradition of interdisciplinary research and teaching, we constantly seek out ways to break down barriers among the disciplines in science. We offer integrated science academic program with interdisciplinary focus, which is dedicated to fostering exploration and discovery while emphasizing experiential, collaborative and student-centered learning.


Our science programs are designed to provide our students with the first-class educational experiences in state-of-the-art facilities. These programs are directly strengthened with opportunities to acquire valuable knowledge in our cooperative and other experiential education programs, and by encouraging students to participate in the innovative research conducting within the Faculty.


We have highly qualified, well experienced and dedicated faculty members. The Faculty is having well equipped laboratories with modern equipment’s to provide the practical knowledge to the students. This Faculty shoulders the responsibility of teaching basic subject such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics for all engineering courses. The Faculty offers excellent quality of education in various fields for future development of students. The Faculty aims to enhance communication skills with innovative thinking of students with advanced techniques. The Faculty department is taking lot of efforts to develop students so that they are able to face self-development. The Department also encourages students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, essential for development of team spirit and enriching organizational skills.


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