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  • Department of Safety in Manufacturing and Industrial Ecology,


  • Department of Fire Protection,


  • Department of Sport and Exercise Science




Main Research Fields


• Environmental systems analysis


• Environmental strategy development


• Methods in Industrial Ecology


• Environmental Assessment


• The development of Industrial Ecology models


• Climate change


• Risk Management


• Environmental Conflict Resolution


• Sustainable Consumption


• Environmental Modelling


• Environmental Chemistry


• Ecological Engineering


• Waste Management


• Water Management


• Sustainable Communication


• Sustainable local government


• Resilient and biodiverse environment


• Productive land management


• Forest Fire Management


• Sustainable water resources


• Biodiversity and ecosystem services


• Sustainable biofuels


• Software tools for industrial ecology research


• Strategic environmental assessment


• Sustainability analysis


•  Ecological footprint


• Life cycle assessment


• Sustainable Urbanism


• Climate change: Strategies, actions and evaluation on local and regional level


• Sustainable Energy Systems


• Developing more qualitative methods for risk assessment and risk evaluation


• Conflict interests and environmental pollution


• Sustainable Consumption


• Environmental modelling directed to the aquatic environment and the urban water system


• Environmental chemistry


• Metal and metalloid ion chemistry


• Soil remediation


• Engineering methods to affect ecological system


• Waste prevention and recirculation


• Integrated water management


• Developing new forms for measuring energy and material flow


• Policies and technologies regarding production and consumption


• Sustainable cities and built environment


• Recycling


• Conservation


• Forests and reserves


• Forest Fire Management


• Water and catchments


• Ecosystems and Bioresources


• Climate regulation


• Bioenergy and biomaterials


• Production of sustainable biofuels


• Software development for industrial ecology


• Esterification of Dicarboxylic Acids with 2-Ethylhexanol under Supercritical Conditions


• Factors Determining the Stability of Alkylation Catalysts Based on Y Zeolites


• Thermodynamic Analysis of the Formation of C8 Isomers in the Alkylation of Isobutane by Olefins


• Erratum to: Processing Refinery Gas Streams into Environmentally Friendly Motor Fuels on Next-Generation Catalysts (Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oil


• Regeneration of Refinery Gas Treatment Superacid Catalysts by SCF Solvent Extraction


• New equipment for processing of oil coke


• Production of transformer oil with improved electrical characteristics


• Production of petroleum pitch from oil refinery residues

• Processing refinery gas streams into environmentally friendly motor fuels on next-generation catalysts

• Petroleum coke calcining unit. Startup at LUKOIL-Volgogradneftepererabotka LLC


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