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  • Department of Telecommunication Systems


  • Department of Measurement Instrumentation


  • Department of Electronic Engineering and Biomedical Technology


  • Department of Electromechanical Engineering


  • Department of Electrical Engineering Fundamentals






Research Schools:


  • Physics and technology of special electro-mechanical and electrical systems


  • Energy, energy conservation and efficiency


  • Physics of processes in transmission systems in continuous media


  • Research and modelling of units and devices of physical layer for broadband telecommunication systems


  • Research of infocommunication systems and networks on the basis of coordinated control of information interchange processes


  • Processing of multidimensional signals in radio-frequency and optical ranges


  • Teaching methodology for Electrical Engineering courses using technologies of distant learning


  • Methods of analysis and synthesis for information and measurement systems


  • Process control for technological processes of electrolytic plasma treatments for metals and alloys




Organizational Units


  • Office of the Dean


  • Office of the Deputy Dean


  • Office of the Deputy Dean for Technical and Administrative Management


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