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The Faculty of Aircraft Engine Design, Energy and Transportation Engineering (FAEDETE) offers more than 30 academic options in several subject areas at the main Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU) campus in Ufa.



Subject Areas



• Aircraft Engine Design


• Aerospace Engineering


• Aerospace Vehicle and Aircraft Engine Maintenance


• Heat Power Engineering and Thermotechnics


• Power Systems Engineering


• Transportation Technology


• Aerospace and Rocket Equipment


• Aircraft Propulsion and Power Systems


• Aircraft and Helicopter Design


• Aeronavigation and Maintenance of aerospace and rocket equipment





FUTURE Aerospace Engineering PROFESSIONALS



We offer unique opportunities to explore a longstanding tradition of excellence in R.F. Aerospace Engineering Education.


Benefit from leading Russian programs.


Become industry-ready graduates.


Select your major, schedule a visit and study with us.





Welcome to the Faculty of Aircraft Engine Design, Energy and Transportation Engineering (FAEDETE)!



The Faculty has a distinguished history of working with aerospace companies around the country. We aim to provide our students with a systematic understanding of the advanced knowledge, critical awareness and new insights required by effective practising aerospace engineers.


At the Faculty, world-class aerospace research drives excellent teaching within a cutting-edge learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities.


The academic courses prepare students for the design, analysis, testing and flight of the full range of aeronautical vehicles, including propeller-driven and jet-powered planes, helicopters and gliders. The courses are suitable for those who would like to gain comprehensive knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable them to contribute to the creation and maintenance of aerospace and aeronautical equipment. The courses cover the necessary aspects for a successful career in the growing aerospace industry.


The Faculty provides some of the best university facilities in the region, in an outstanding location. The Faculty has a wide range of in-house facilities ranging from computer labs housing state-of-the-art PCs through to specialist equipment used almost exclusively by aerospace students.


The Faculty has close links with major national industrial companies. Our curriculum is linked tightly to our research and our academics are leading specialists in aerodynamics, composites, control, vibrations and systems.


At the Faculty, by specialising in aerospace engineering students will study a wide range of technical subjects, all contributing to the design of future aircraft and spacecraft.


The Faculty is committed to preparing prospective aerospace engineers for developing leading-edge technology and integrating it into aerospace vehicle systems for exploration, infrastructure, and defense applications. The Faculty aims to advance knowledge, and benefit society through research integrated with education. Our specialists investigate challenging, fundamental problems in aerospace science and technology in a collegial, interdisciplinary atmosphere, while providing our students with an education that combines rigorous academic study and the excitement of discovery with the support and intellectual stimulation of a diverse community of scholars. We prepare our students for responsible, rewarding professional careers and continuing personal growth and serve the various extensive communities to which we belong, in ways suited to our individual abilities and interests.


Graduates from the Faculty are part of a new breed of engineer who can take on challenges ranging from traditional industries to areas such as new materials, sustainable development and aerospace.


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