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Satellite systems of ecological monitoring


Satellite systems of ecological monitoring





Research on processing and  transfer of information data of Earth remote sensing and development of satellite systems of environmental monitoring




Problems topicality


1.Protection of  natural and anthropogenic impact on the environment
2.Health care in the risk area
3.Risk management to take timely measures for protection of threatening factors С






1.New approaches to detect useful signals allow reduction of  detection threshold of weak unknown signals against the background heterogeneous noises  - up to 1-2 times
2.Developed detection method for liminal level of  wavelet factors selection of transferable signals enables reduced number of wavelet factors up to 70-90 % .

3. Developed multiscale  compression of space signals enables reduced volume of transmitted information  - up to 3-5 times
4.Ground space system to receive pictures from various satellites was designed
5.Ecological monitoring technology for oil and gas deposits and equipment  in the region with multiscale integration of satellite system  was developed
6.Use of Earth remote sensing channel - 8GHz
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