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Robot machine with parallel kinematics


Robot machine with parallel kinematics






Parallel link machine with increased rigidity and  manufacturing efficiency of critical parts (gas turbine engine blades, monowheels etc.) using technologies of  high-speed processing of details made from various materials.






  • Low steel intensity
  • Possible processing of figurine parts.
  • High  rigidity (27-44 Н/mkm for various axes) and increased accuracy.
  • Manufacturability of details.
  • High dynamic  characteristics (high movement velocity of actuating elements) and  the use of  high-speed processing technologies provides opportunity  for  increased  processing productivity .
  • Low production cost (1,5-2 times less than a production cost  of its  analog machines with classical arranging and the same dimensional parameters.
  • Position deadband: 19-25%  less than a position deadband  of its typical analog - a three-way machine of drilling and milling family with successive kinematic structure.



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