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Increasing reliability and life-cycle performance of parts for jet engines, gas-compressor units and   steam turbines  at different exploitation stage:


  • Protective coating
  • Device and technology development for surface hardening by vacuum plasma immersion ion implantation
  • Device and technology development for Vacuum Plasma Spray Coating
  • Device and technology development  for rejuvenation of properties and hardening of gas turbine blades



New Technologies


1. Development of innovative nanotechnology coatings to extend multiple the product life cycle



2. State of the art equipment for plasma and ion-beam assisted materials processing



Pilot production models of electrochemical machines have been invented, hundreds of technological processes have been mastered and implemented in Russia and around the world.



Science research institute for electrochemical processing theory and technology



Signature areas: theory, technology and equipment development for precision electrochemical processing of electrical conducting materials


Sample applications for science research institute’s projects in perspective products of aerospace engineering


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