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Low-power plant based on the Rankine cycle with pellets used as a fuel


Low-power plant based on the Rankine cycle with pellets used as a fuel



power plant scheme Problem-solving


Design and estimation of low-power plant based on the Rankine cycle with pellets used as a fuel to power up to 7,5  kW






Problems topicality


Conditions of district heat energy:

•heat diffusion in ambient environment
•area of heat energy delivery restrained by heating plant or boiler-house location
•price services heating will contain equipment maintenance, amortization and  reimbursement

Regeneration in в t-s diagram of chlorofluorocarbonConditions of central electric energy:

  • power line loss with energy delivery
  • load loss in transformer
  • prices proportionally increase with  distance extension  to consumers




Growing demand for distributed energy:

•Providing energy for hard-to-reach area
•Development  of small and big companies
•Efficient energy delivery
•Providing standby service .



  • Comparing Prices of  thermal energy (9 kW ·h) and electrical energy (500 kW ·h)The Rankine cycle will enable high coefficient of efficiency under a low temperature of actuating medium;
  • Easy-boiling fluid provides a condensation of actuating medium  under environmental  temperature and atmosphere pressure;
  • Low temperature of actuating medium when it flows in the turbine will enable increased durability rate of  high-loaded moving parts;
  • Pellets used as a fuel represent a green renewable fuel to provide  automated transportation to  the boiler, long-term storage and  off-line operation;
  • Rechargeable battery system smooths the speaks of  system loads.  Power electronics block transforms alternating current into 50 Hz current required for the consumers.

Basic parameters


electric power: up to 7,5  kW.

thermal capacity: up to 10  kW.

thermal coefficient of efficiency : 28,4 % (summer - 19,7%, winter -32,1%).

coefficient of efficiency for thermal energy: 85%.


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