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Integrated radio-photonics


Integrated radio-photonics



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The development of Advanced Level  Information and Communication Technology   (A level ICT)



Topical Problem


Forecasting for communications development

1.The demand of principally new physical technologies for significant increase in use of optical wireless communications resulting from the following factors:
•Global mobile data traffic growth – approximately every 7 years;
•Transmission capacity of backbone networks has increased for 4 consecutive years since 1980;


•Currently, the transmission capacity of fiber optic networks has reached the Shannon Limit.


2. Future risks of transmission capacity crisis in the coming years.


3. The importance of combining the advantages of photonic and radio-electronic technologies to minimize size and increase energy efficiency of mobile devices.





1.The first theoretical foundation and experimental testing to represent optical compensation in few mode regime
2.Ultrawideband  (UWB) fractal antenna system with multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna array was designed
3.Measurement approach for optimum disposition of small   patch with MIMO – the level of a side petal and array geometric occupancy



MIMO antenna array 1.“Fractal antenna device”
2.“Device for distribution and chip application of optical signals”.
3.Licensed agreement  for the patents with “Polygon”company.




1. Fiber to the home (FTTH)
2.Departmental communication network
3.All optical network (AON)
4.Body-centered network
5.Industrial networks



1.Use of mode multiplexing with optical compensation in few mode regime will allow increased network bandwidth up to


2. Enhanced information security of networks

3. Extended area length without regeneration up to 100 km

4.Wide frequency range of developed fractal antenna patch (3,09-15GHz).




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