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Advanced metal processing technologies


Advanced metal processing technologies






Enhancement of cutting tools lifetime and improving  operational characteristics of heavily stressed details.





Problems topicality


Critical level of R.F. import dependence in tool room machinery industry (>90%)


Current import dependence problems include:

•backlog of products technological  level;
•limited products range;
•shortage of personnel resources.

Topical problems:

•development of anti-wear coatings for metal cutting tools;
•Ion beam implantation technology;
•electrolytic plasma polishing technology.



•Vacuum plasma and ion beam technology was developed, ranging from decorative coatings to the formation of special surface detail  with the use of advanced technologies, combining various vacuum plasma and ion beam processing methods and based on the influence of concentrated energy flow on detail surface (increasing resistance up to 15 time);
•Ion beam implantation technology was developed and implemented in mass production of  compressor blades for gas turbine engines, as well as  turbine blades for thermal and nuclear power-stations.
•Electrolytic plasma processing technology was developed and implemented in manufacturing industry under conditions of  final polishing and surface preparation before Ion beam implantation and deposition of coatings.
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