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Advanced high speed electric generators


Advanced high speed electric generators





Development and industrial implementation a range of advanced high speed electric vehicles  (next new generation more-electric aircrafts) with light weight design and increased rotary speed for  civil and defense industry.





1.Design and development of electrically powered aircraft or space tugs as well as advanced aircraft cаrriers with ship-board laser weapons.
2.Design of power-consuming generators with installed power from 250 to 300 kW  and light weight design  to expand boundaries on research and development of aircraft and space vehicles.
3.Development of  high speed electric engine with a rotor operating at a speed from 250 000 to 300 000 rpm (revolutions per minute) to achieve a new level in surface processing and conduct research on molecular physics, etc.
4.Design and industrial implementation of  advanced high speed  micro generators with a rotor operating at a speed up to 1 000 rpm and installed power up to 1 kW  to meet challenges related to  power supply with low input-output  to autonomous consumption as well as development of unmanned aerial vehicles, future soldier and advanced aerospace vehicles. 

Basic Technologies


  • Use of novel rotor winding
  • Use of amorphous iron
  • Design of high speed electric vehicles





  • Use of amorphous iron enables increased output-input ratio of electric vehicles. Amorphous iron represents minimal magnetization reversal loss as well as eddy currents losses in iron stators. The word’s first high speed electric generators with installed power from 250 to 300 kW  using amorphous iron-based  magnetic circuit was developed.
  • Use of new  design approach of magnetic systems (magnet disposition and magnet shapes) allows increased output-input ratio  and  a more rigid construction.
  • The word’s first technology of composite electric machines enables reduced fabrication cost of  advanced electric machines
  • New design  of a rotor winding relating to correlation between number of grooving and poles allows enormous light weight design low when compared with traditional analogues, while providing high output-input ratio
  • Increased intelligent characteristics (intelligent measurement and control) enables  success maintenance and repair as well as forecasting for future defects.



Basic characteristics


Specific power : 0,18–0,25 kg/kWt

Rotor speed  : 48000–120 000 rpm

Installed power:  100 -300 kWt

Output-input ratio: 95–98 %

Weght : 15-40 kg



Characteristics of Russian range of  electric generators


0,4–0,6 кг/kg/kWt

22000 rpm

120 kWt

85 %

up to  40 kg



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