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Electromagnetic method to eliminate accident sedimentation


Electromagnetic method to eliminate accident sedimentation


Our technology

New green technology  of an inhibition of salt detritus and

asphaltic –resin- paraffin-based sediments, using the resonance- wave complex RWC-1.



  • increased oil-field facility security
  • reduced well repair expenses
  • prevention of sediment formations;
  • reduced environmental load
  • increased efficient operation of processing equipment

Economical impact

vimproved  oil recovery caused by reduced downtime
vreduced annual negative impact on environment up to на 5-10% as well as impacts resulted in the use of  oil-field  reagents up to 5%


  • R.F. Patent 2529689.
  • Plants of fuel and energy balance complex of  Rosneft and Lukoil




enormous increase of oil dynamic level in  well

Increased well flow rate up to 30-40%

Improved power efficient oil recovery

reduced salt detritus and  corrosion damaging equipment;

increased interrepair time of a centrifugal pump impeller

Reduced downtime for repairs up to 2 times

Reduced repair costs up to 2 times

No requirements for well treatment  by chemical reagents

Reduced operating costs for batching plant and inhibitors

Increased environmental safety

Reducing accidents  caused by corrosion and sediments on  the submersible equipment surface

Reduced costs to eliminate accident aftermath and equipment loss



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