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Competences in information technology


Competences in information technology



Technology  and equipment


  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Blockchain technology
  • Mechatronics and measurement systems
  • Basic instrumentation and profiling framework  for software development
  • Big data and cloud/high performance computing.
  • Corporate information systems, business decision making and information technology
  • Business analysis and statistics
  • Management information systems and decision making in complex systems
  • Intelligent system for information security management.
  • Virtual and augmented Reality



machine industry

Oil and gas industry



1. Intelligent fabrics.

2. Human-machine interface

3. Optimization and manufacturing automation.

4. Defectoscopy and reliability problems.

5. Intelligent Data Processing

1.Interpretation Services for Geology
2.Smart fields
3.Artificial Intelligence in oil Reservoir and 
oil well management 
4.effective forecasting for raw material

1. Science and Technology for Disease Control

2. Pathogenesis, Control, and Management

of Non-communicable Disease

3. Partial Control of Infectious Disease.

1. Intelligent Cities

2. business intelligence and decision making

3. financial intelligence analysis for strategic decision

making and transaction-processing business

4. Financial Information Security



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