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The UGATU tent has become one of the most visited at the site of the republican celebration on the embankment of the Belaya River. Still, you don’t see a real weapon every day! And the cadets of the MTC in military uniforms were happy to demonstrate the assembly and disassembly of machine guns, attracting no less attention from the public.

The racing car of the UGATU racing team, which the guys demonstrated to the Head of the Republic Radiy Khabirov and Prime Minister Andrei Nazarov during their tour of the locations of Bashkir universities.

Here, in the tent of the USATU, there was an exhibition with colorful advertising booklets about all the faculties and institutes.

And our student creative teams were honored to be the first to take the stage and show their numbers at the marathon of amateur artists. 

After examining the expositions of all universities, the Head of Bashkortostan addressed the participants of the holiday. “I have this idea: we give the embankment to young people. We anchor some events - the embankment will come to life. And for young people to be here, to dance, to talk is great. We have the best youth!” - said Radiy Khabirov

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