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“Your opportunities” from Rimera Group of Companies!


While you are studying at a university or a young professional, you need to act boldly and try yourself in different areas - hundreds of opportunities will open to you. The case championship from Rimera Group will help you not to miss them!

Participate and discover your strengths!

In the first season, it is necessary to solve a practical engineering problem - to improve the design and materials of one of the units of the pumping unit.

 The case will be held in two stages at one of the largest oil engineering enterprises in Russia - the Izhneftemash plant:

Extramural stage (April) - solving real production problems within the framework of prepared projects and the opportunity to be an engineer at a leading company in the country.

In-person stage (May) - 10 best teams will defend their projects in front of the company's management and experts in Izhevsk.

Register by April 30 at the link

The creative format involves a team of two people. Register together or we will pick up a team for you!

The winners are guaranteed an internship at the Izhneftemash plant and employment in the company!

Become a part of history and upgrade your inner engineer!

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