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Young Researchers Received DAAD Fellowships


A meeting of the selection committee held at the St. Petersburg Mining University, , which determined the final list of young Russian scientists who will go to study in Germany as part of the joint program of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the ‘NEDRA’ University Consortium. Its name is "Natural Resources - Energy - Sustainability".

Postgraduate student Rustem Nagimov, PhD candidates Andrey Medvedev and Tagir Muslimov from USATU are among the winners.

34 graduate students and recent PhD graduates attended the final stage of the competition. An authoritative jury headed by the head of the Moscow branch of DAAD Andreas Höshen assessed the level of their research work. Among the experts: Karsten Drebenstedt and Berndt Mayer from the Freiberg Mining Academy, representatives from St. Petersburg and Ufa higher education institutions.

As a result, they approved a list of 20 winners who will receive grants to study at various universities in Germany. Such as the technical universities of Dresden, Clausthal, Karlsruhe, the Wilhelm University of Westphalia etc. Academic period will last from 3 to 6 months, starts by next February.

“The quality of the applicants turned out to be very high, so the independent commission, which included Russian and German scientists, had to spend a lot of time to select the best of the best,” said Dr. Andreas Höschen. “I am very glad that so many talented guys will soon come to Germany and will further improve their level of competence”.

The perspective and applied nature of research is one of the prerequisites for participation in the program. Motivation is just as important. All candidates had to convince the jury of their readiness to deal with the selected problems.

It should be noted that representatives of four members of the NEDRA consortium were among the winners of the competition for the right to study in Germany.


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