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Yekaterinburg - Ufa: expanding cooperation with universities in the Urals


The USATU delegation headed by the rector Sergey Novikov visited the Ural State Mining University

The oldest higher educational institution in the Urals was founded by a personal decree of Emperor Nicholas II in 1914. At the origins of the creation of the university were outstanding scientists who, despite the difficulties, were able to do everything possible so that in 1917 USMU opened the doors for the first students. During this time, the university has accumulated tremendous experience in educational and scientific activities, has graduated more than 100 thousand mining engineers, and the Ural Mining School has become a recognizable brand all over the world.

Ural Mining is our partner in the consortium of engineering universities "Nedra", which USATU became a part of in 2020. The consortium is headed by the St. Petersburg State Mining University, with which we also actively interact.

Sergey Vladimirovich acquainted the rector of USMU Alexey Dushin and colleagues with the scientific and technical potential of USATU. In particular, noting that the research and development activities of our scientists are closely related with the aviation industry. However, many developments are in demand in the field of oil and gas production and processing.

“The competencies and advanced research and production infrastructure of USATU allows us to independently create and adapt the production chain for a specific project and customer, from the development of design documentation to testing and transfer of technologies for launching into mass production,” Sergei Novikov emphasized in his speech. - In general, research and development of university scientists are carried out in the frontier spheres of economic development. The focus on high efficiency and safety of use, environmental friendliness makes them in demand in the real sector of production.

The main event of the visit is the conclusion of a cooperation agreement, which was signed by the rector of the USATU Sergei Novikov and the rector of the USMU Alexei Dushin. The document provides for the development of comprehensive cooperation in the scientific and educational spheres.

- We invite USMU students to visit our laboratories, be acquainted with the equipment and, if they wish, enroll in a master's and postgraduate studies. Our university is open to cooperation and is ready to provide young scientists with all the opportunities that we have: technoparks, supercomputers, student design bureaus, innovation centers and research laboratories,”said Sergei Novikov.

- First of all, we are interested in the environmental agenda and ESG topics. One of the promising areas can be the development of automated stations for remote control, monitoring and accounting of the state of the environment. We also plan to develop cooperation in the field of research of air-gas dynamics and mineral processing, - said the rector of USMU Alexey Dushin.

Our delegation also visited the Ural Geological Museum of USMU and examined the exposition of the exhibition.

This working visit, according to the participants of the meeting, will become the beginning of strong friendship and active interaction of teams and students of the two leading engineering universities of the country.


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