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"Workshop of young scientists of USATU": results and impressions


Concluded three-day intensive course for young scientists, teachers, students and graduate students of the university, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of USATU. During the event, about 30 people took an accelerated course, which included 10 lectures and 9 master classes, which were conducted by recognized experts - our honored teachers and famous scientists.

The chairperson of the working group, Vice-Rector for Digitalization Evgeny Parfenov comments:

“The work was carried out in three areas: “Education”, “Innovations” and “Science” (2 groups). Each group was given the opportunity to develop a choice of grant proposal, patent, electronic resource, etc.

The Science 1 group makes an application for an interdisciplinary grant from the Russian Science Foundation, and it turns out very well. "Science 2" (students) are writing a review article on 3D printing technologies for the aerospace industry, and the target audience of the article is the same students. Thus, the participants        gain experience in structuring the material, working with advanced databases, and systematizing information. The project should also turn out great.

The education group is making a project of additional professional education for advanced training on the development of video lectures for electronic educational resources.

The Innovations group decided to develop a digital search system to form teams for R&D. The competencies of all employees in the IMS are systematized, and if an order for R&D appears from a partner enterprise, then it is possible to “design” a team that will carry out this project. This strengthens the links between the faculties and departments of the university.

Thus, four projects were determined, but three days of intensive is extremely small. Therefore, all groups intend to continue working to realize their real goals.

By the way, at the opening of the intensive course, Rector of the University Sergey Novikov asked the participants to make suggestions on stimulating and supporting young teachers and researchers. So each group formulated its proposals, which will be announced at the rector's office.

Participants of the event shared their impressions.

Alexander Ryzhkin, student gr. PTM-404: “I liked the intensive; I learned a lot of new things. Initially, the event was intended for older people, but we students need 80% of all information. 3rd -5th year students need presentations for their final thesis, it requires at least two publications. Students do not know how to do this, and the intensive was very useful to us. Thanks for the event."

Dmitry Kudashov, CT analyst: “The intensive was interesting and informative. We managed to solve all the tasks, gain new experience and work out the skills of working in a team.”

Marcel Nafikov, Senior Lecturer at the UI Department: “There were interesting and very useful master classes. I did not need some lectures - I know this material. Moreover, master classes are good because the experts told about their real experience. I liked working in a new team, I met new people.”

Ruslan Karimov, Associate Professor of the Department of EM: “A very useful event, firstly, new knowledge, and secondly, new acquaintances. After such intensive courses, I want to actively develop and move forward in science. Additional motivation is provided by the leadership, which talks about the prospects and energizes for accomplishments.”

Elvira Nafikova, Associate Professor of the BP&PE Department: “For me, the event was a lot of useful things, although I am already approaching the age limit of a young scientist and have experience in scientific work. However, there were many situations when I thought “Well, that’s why they didn’t show or tell like that before!”

Oleg Shiryaev, chairperson of the Council of Young Scientists of the USATU: “I cannot but note that the young researchers of the university showed interest, activity and creativity. I wish all the participants of the intensive creative success, the implementation of the presented projects, as well as professional and career growth. I hope that the workshop “Young Scientists Workshop” will become a good tradition of the university.”


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