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The work of the student design bureau "Power Machines" was launched at USATU


The Ufa State Aviation Technical University launched the SDB, organized jointly with JSC Power Machines. Eight university students, under the guidance of mentors and curators, begin to work on real terms of reference in the interests of the customer. The head of the SDB "Power Machines" is Almaz Nazarov, a graduate of the USATU, a lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

The initial event was held in the format of an online meeting of students with the management of Power Machines.

“Student design bureaus are a long and interesting history of our company,” said Elena Mordvinova, head of the personnel development department. - In 2019, we launched a project based on three universities, and now there are eight of them. This is about 100 students and a large community of university teachers who act as curators, as well as mentors from among the most experienced specialists of the enterprise.

From the first wave of students, nine out of eleven graduates came to work for us. Now they work in our division in Moscow and here in St. Petersburg. Last year alone, the students issued over two and a half thousand solved work problems. In addition, 177 hours of training, and now a beginner turns into a confident designer who can become a full-fledged employee of the company. "

General Designer Alexander Ivanovsky greeted the meeting participants. Just the other day, he visited the university and spoke very warmly about the visit:

“I have the very best impressions and have a strong belief in our joint projects with the university.” “Why do we need SDB? - Alexander Ivanovsky continued his speech. - We need an influx of young, active, qualified personnel in order to dynamically develop the products that we create.

Of course, you can find personnel on the market, but it is more effective to raise your own - the best and best ones. Thus, we have built the mechanism that student design bureaus have become, and in the process of setting up their work, we realized that energetic, smart, talented students could solve our design or technological problems right in the learning process. Only last year, students mastered the volume of tasks equal to the volume of work of our good design department of 30 people.

Therefore, this year we have expanded the practice of SDB to a number of universities, including USATU. We will support any initiative from students who are free to put forward their ideas and solutions. We also do not mind if someone wants to change direction in the process.

Now we are deploying a whole network of our design bureaus throughout Russia, so after graduation, young specialists will not have to move to work with us in St. Petersburg. It will be possible to find a job in his hometown. "

“You were honored to become the first member of the SDB,” Georgy Ageev, Vice-Rector for Innovation, addressed the students, “and we have great hopes on you. Know that we are always there and always ready to help. I wish you success!"

Further, the curators and mentors told a little about themselves, the directions of their activities, and wished the children to successfully realize themselves and their ideas.

In turn, the students introduced themselves and answered a number of motivational questions from Power Machines JSC.

Maxim Goryukhin, 5th year student: “I would like to learn how to read compressor machines in more detail, master new calculation methods, get real data on existing models of turbines and compressors”.

Alexander Nikitin, 4th year student: “To achieve a goal and reach some heights, you need to work hard and never give up. Working at Power Machines is the next step in development to gain new knowledge and experience. "

Anton Zolotukhin, 2nd year master's student: “If I could change my direction of activity, I would like to“jump” from aircraft engines to power plants. It is an interesting area with a lot to explore and explore. "

Egor Pavlov, 1st year master’s student: "I would like to learn how to better simulate complex physical processes."

Nikita Izyurov, 4th year BSc: “What did I understand when I entered the university? That you need, first, to learn how to properly allocate your time in order to manage to solve all the problems. "

Shamil Latypov, 5th year student: “What is the most significant achievement for me at the moment? When I worked at the Department of Electromechanics at the Research Institute of Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems, I was one of the leading developers of an autonomous generator for an engine. Now I would like to deal directly with the design of technological processes. "

Ruslan Aminev, 5th year student: "I hope to learn useful skills in solving practical problems, to learn how to work in new programs."

Roman Zagvozdkin, 5th year student: “I am interested in a more in-depth study of calculations and, of course, the solution of real “combat” tasks, which will then be embodied in “hardware”.

At the end of the event, the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Kamil Ramazanov took the floor:

“I congratulate everyone on the start of joint work in SKB and I want to emphasize that we have the potential for expansion. Already today, students come up to me and ask how they can get into the SKB. I hope that the current eight students will become the first combat link followed by others! "


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