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"Wings of Rostec" - a project for applicants to universities in 2022


The enterprise "UEC-UEIA" of the United Engine Corporation begins acceptance of new applications from school graduates for participation in a special project of targeted training to become engineers of a new generation "Wings of Rostec" at USATU.

Eleventh graders are invited to try their hand, wishing to get a specialty "Design of aircraft and rocket engines" and work in high-tech companies.

On the basis of a competitive selection, 20 USATU students will receive the following benefits:

- Increased scholarship (from 20,000 rubles per month for grades above 4 points);

- additional one-time payments for a high level of English proficiency;

- payment for the hostel, transport card and the Internet;

- improved program of higher education;

- employment from the first year of study in the structures of JSC "UEC";

- the possibility of international internships at leading universities in the world;

- in-depth study of the English language;

- special courses in design and IT competencies;

- practice-oriented training from the first day, a personal mentor in the profile specialty in the companies of JSC "UEC" from the first year;

- support and construction of an individual educational and professional trajectory;

- the possibility of obtaining a double degree.

More details https://rostekhwings.ru/


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