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What is tourism, and how to travel?


Under this name, the Tourist Club of USATU "Icarus" held an open lecture for everyone. It also presented one of the most anticipated events of the year - the Vastlet youth tourism festival.

Georgy Tishakov, the host and coordinator of the vatslet teams, and Denis Yunusbaev, the head of the UGATU Icarus tourist club, acted as lecturers.

So what have you been discussing? First of all, what is tourism, what types of tourism are, and how they differ from each other. And also how to become a real tourist and save money on trips. Then we figured out the general and specific equipment, understood how sports tourism differs from all other areas. Well, and of course, future plans. Namely, what places in Bashkiria and Russia you need to visit and as soon as possible.

The meeting was held in an easy and friendly atmosphere, the audience asked interesting questions, and the lecturers answered them.

Recall that "Vatslet" is a youth tourism festival that promotes a healthy lifestyle, popularizes sports tourism and introduces young people to this sport. The festival is held for students of Ufa universities aged 18 to 35 years. This year, student activists received support for his organization. The Ikar Tourist Club and the students’ trade union committee will implement the project in the spring of 2022.

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