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#WETOGETHER: providing psychosocial support to the population


Under the conditions of partial mobilization, the Department of State Youth Policy and Educational Activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Red Cross" (hereinafter referred to as the RKK) are implementing a program to provide psychosocial support to the population in conditions of partial mobilization within the framework of the All-Russian project #MYVMESTE (hereinafter referred to as the Program). The Program provides for the following types of psychosocial support:

psychological assistance by contacting the round-the-clock hotline 8 800 200 34 11 (toll-free within Russia);

text consulting in messengers;

face-to-face individual consultations;

online consultations;

support groups for relatives of military personnel and persons who have completed military service who have returned to their place of permanent residence.

Consultations are carried out by professional psychologists working on a voluntary basis, with the organizational, methodological and resource support of the RKK, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and #MYVMESTE headquarters.

Also, the Department, together with RKK, invites employees and graduates who have received a basic higher education in psychology, who have undergone professional retraining or who have received additional professional education in psychology, to join the number of volunteer psychologists of the Program.

For those wishing to join the ranks of volunteers who do not have a basic psychological education, training events are organized in order to master the first skills of psychosocial support for further work with mobilized citizens and their families as volunteers. Volunteer registration is carried out at the following link:

Contact person for interaction: Khromushina Luiza Alekseevna, phone: +7 925 4429551, e-mail: vol_psp@redcross.ru.


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