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Welcome day of Power Machines at USATU


The university hosted a meeting between representatives of JSC Power Machines and members of the student design bureau, their leaders, curators, senior students from the new recruitment and students.

As part of the event, the project organizers spoke about the selection process, work in the company, career prospects for SKB graduates, summed up the work done and outlined an action plan for the upcoming academic year.

Maria Yarovenko , manager for interaction with educational institutions , said that the first special design bureaus at JSC Power Machines were created at the end of 2020. Today, the project involves students from nine universities in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tomsk, Ufa, Novocherkassk, Barnaul and Kaluga. She dwelled in detail on the key elements of the projects, the issues of drawing up an employment contract with students and the conditions for payments based on performance.

The participants were welcomed by Vice-Rector for Innovation Georgy Ageev:

“It is a great honor for the university to work with such a large company as Power Machines and participate in their SKB projects. Today we have already achieved some results, we have 11 students employed in SKB Power Machines, and their work is the highest paid of all our student design bureaus. It's not easy to get there, but it's worth it. It's a great start in life."

Then Ruzil Sultanov, head of the regulation department of SDB USATU , took the floor, by the way, our 2012 FAEET graduate

“We are working with Ufa on gas turbine topics. Our gas turbine project involves the start of construction of a gas turbine power plant in the country, because today all our power plants are equipped with foreign equipment. We concentrated on educating our own team of specialists, so we took the path of forming student design bureaus. The task is important, and it must continue. We are waiting for you in our ranks!

The project curator from the university, Associate Professor of the Department of Aviation Heat Engineering and Heat Power Engineering, Alexander Kishalov, thanked his St. Petersburg colleagues for organizing the summer conference, and also spoke about the importance and prospects of working at SKB.

“When students understand that they are solving problems at the level of necessity not only for the company, but for the whole country, their motivation increases significantly,” the mentor emphasized.

The program of the meeting was continued by another FADET graduate of 2006, and now the head of the turbine department of the SKB GTU Askar Sagitov . He devoted his report to the issues of interaction between the company and SKB, the content of work and examples of solving problems within the department, as well as intermediate results of SKB activities and plans for the future.

 The meeting ended with a debriefing in a question-answer format.


The student design bureau "Power Machines - USATU" is a territory of innovative activity, where future specialists and representatives of energy enterprises interact in an accelerated manner. It is here that USATU students can become part of the professional community and take a direct part in the development of science-intensive products. SKB Power Machines was established in September 2021. Currently JSC Power Machines and USATU are developing five joint projects.

JSC Power Machines is one of the leading power engineering companies with international experience and competence in the design, manufacture and package delivery of equipment for thermal, nuclear, hydraulic and gas turbine power plants.


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