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“Watslet” - only a week left


The first - preparatory - stage of the Youth Tourist Festival "Watslet", held with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund, is coming to an end.

For two months, under the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors, the youth teams learned the basics of sports tourism. The students were seriously preparing for the upcoming competitions. With enthusiasm and burning eyes, they absorbed theoretical knowledge and practiced practical skills in the field.

In a week, all participants will meet in the Arkhangelsk region of Bashkiria to spend four unforgettable days in the bosom of nature with their peers and like-minded people. During the day, young people will show themselves in sports and tourism disciplines, and in the evening, they will perform creative numbers around the fire. The results will be summed up according to the results of all competitive tasks.

Recall that the project of the Youth Tourism Festival "Watslet" won the competition of the Presidential Grants Fund and received support in the amount of three million rubles. The Tourist Club “Icarus” and the trade union committee of students are implementing the project.

See you on Watslet in a week!

#PresidentialGrants #Watslet #Presidential Grants Fund

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