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A water dispenser was installed on the USATU campus


Water dispenser appeard among the residents of our campus on the initiative of the rector Sergei Novikov. After all, taking care of the health and comfort of our students always remains a priority for the university management. Moreover, according to the results of the survey, the students themselves expressed a desire to have a vending machine with drinking water closer to home.

The “pilot” water machine from the VODOROBOT company is installed on the wall of the hostel No. 7. Depending on the popularity and needs of students, the number of water machines can be increased.

A water machine (water robot) is a modern automatic filtering station that guarantees the production of high quality water enriched with oxygen. Water purification takes place in several stages. The system is based on high performance reverse osmosis membranes. Today it is the most modern way of water treatment. It guarantees the removal of heavy metals and toxic trace elements from the water, including chlorine, and also leaves no chance for viruses and bacteria. And before bottling into containers, the water also passes through a UV lamp to guarantee microbiological purity.

Direct-flow filters, so water is not stored or settled in storage tanks. Such water can not be boiled, but safely drunk. Using the water dispenser is extremely simple and convenient: place the container in a special compartment, throw in a few coins and press “start”.

The advantages of the water machine are obvious. First, it's a good money saver. Using a water dispenser is cheaper than buying water in a store, because you don’t have to overpay for a container every time. Secondly, Vodorobot is a careful consumption. By using the same container many times, you are making an important contribution to protecting the environment by reducing plastic consumption. And, thirdly, you save your time: you can go out into the yard for water at any time of the day.

It should be noted that VODOROBOT water machines are certified and patented, and the filter system complies with international quality standards.


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