Waste management system at USATU



The regional solid waste management operator MUP "Spetsavtokhozyaystvo for city cleaning" together with the volunteers of the "Do" movement organized an introductory tour of the waste sorting complex located on the territory of the city of Ufa for students of higher educational institutions, public organizations of the city and professional ecologists.

Vladislav Zalilov, the head of the department for the collection and sale of secondary raw materials, told in detail what specialists work at the plant, how the waste sorting process is organized and how much separated fractions are formed, showed the sorting shop and the recycling warehouse.

According to experts, with the help of such excursions, young people will be able to get to know the modern waste management system, which by 2024 will work throughout the country.

The activists of the USATU Green Project shared their impressions of the tour:

“You must have noticed the colored containers in the yard: blue for paper, yellow for plastic, red for glass. The contents of containers of the same color in the city are collected by one car, taken to the sorting complex, and then leaves for containers of a different color. So, contrary to popular belief, the types of waste do not mix.

In addition, not only the contents of colored containers are sorted, but also ordinary green ones. It is sent to the conveyor belt, where workers tirelessly select valuable raw materials.

What goes for recycling? A lot of things: glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, film, bottles made of plastic of the 1st type (PET), plastic of the 2nd type (HDPE) and 4 (PVD).

We were also assured that tire collection points throughout the city would open soon.”

“It's nice to know that today young people really care about the environment and they have questions that we help to find answers to. We will conduct such excursions more often and talk about what happens after the garbage ends up in a landfill, how waste is sorted and what comes out of it in the end,” said Anastasia Vorobyeva, coordinator of the Do it movement.


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