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The university was visited by a delegation of UTair Aviation PJSC, which included Vladimir Burtsev, General Director of TS Technik LLC, UTair Aviation PJSC Technical Director, Albert Salimov, a 2007 graduate of USATU, Dmitry Smolyaninov, Deputy Production Director, Ildar Shigapov, head of the aircraft maintenance center at Ufa airport.

One of the topics of discussion at a meeting with the leadership of the university was the training of personnel for specific requests and tasks of the airline.

“Opportunities and prospects for our cooperation are very large,” Albert Salimov emphasized. - First of all, we are talking about young professionals who are in dire need of the airline. The presence of a specialized university in Ufa "at hand" "TS Technician" is a good personnel supply.

The students who came to work with us from the last two graduations are strikingly different in terms of their high level of knowledge and competencies. It is particularly evident from them that progress in education is moving forward strongly. The students are smart, interested, and the company needs young employees to not just sit back doing routine work, but want to develop, improve, and offer interesting ideas. We need highly professional, energetic students. We understand that students need to be taught the ability to be creative in their work, and I am happy to state that USATU succeeds.”

“I would like to note that TS Technik is the great merit in this, because you have a good production base, plus your employees are involved in the training process,” said Georgy Ageev, Vice-Rector for Innovation. - Thank you very much that for little money your specialists come to students after work and on weekends. This is what makes our graduates stand out so favorably.”

Further, the representatives of the employer set the university the task of training specialists, "sharpened" for the specific needs of production.

According to Alexey Zyryanov, Head of the Department of Aircraft Engines, for this it is necessary to determine and adjust the program part of the training, and form a contingent of students for it. Accordingly, courses for teachers are also required.

He proposed to conduct training for this program within the framework of the aviation training center being created or additional professional education, without integrating it into the main educational process.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Aleksey Elizariev made a proposal to organize the education of undergraduate or graduate undergraduates on an individual trajectory: “Today, such an approach to learning is only welcome, and we can do it.”

Thus, there are several training options, and all of them will be carefully considered and evaluated in order to choose the best one.

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