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Victory in the Republican Olympiad in German language


The Republican Interuniversity Olympiad in German has ended within the framework of the Week of the German Language in the Republic of Belarus.

The USATU team took the 1st place, and our sophomore Timur Galimov won the individual championship!

The teams of the leading universities of the republic took part in the language competitions in Bashkir State University. Over the course of several years, students of the Ural State Aviation Technical University have invariably become winners of the Republican Olympiad in the German language. In addition, this year they showed an excellent result, gaining the highest number of points in the team event!


1st place - Timur Galimov (FIR, leader - Associate Professor of the Department of INTECLC R.A.Daminova);

II place - Marcel Safin, (IATM, leader - Associate Professor of the Department of INTECLC R.A.Daminova);

III place - Kirill Kuznetsov (FIR, head - Associate Professor of the Department of INTECLC G.R. Bikulova).

 In the individual competition, Timur Galimov, a member of the team of our university, became the best expert in German among the students of the republic!


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