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USATU will support young scientists


At the initiative of Rector Sergei Novikov, USATU has developed a set of measures to support young teachers. Thus, in June, the Regulations on the payment to USATU employees for the defense of candidate and doctoral dissertations, as well as to scientific supervisors and scientific consultants, were adopted, and the first applicants already received monetary certificates

The Academic Council of USATU also considered and approved the Regulations on the payment of incentives to young teachers under the age of 39. Material support is planned for young employees under the age of 39 from among the teaching staff who have a real estate mortgage agreement.

The teacher must meet a number of criteria, in particular, to hold the position of the teaching staff at the university at the main place of work; total work experience in USATU should be at least 3 years and others.

For all questions, please contact the Department of Social Work (1-239), tel.: 8 - 9083504909.


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