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USATU will again become the site of the "Total Dictation"


This year the international action will take place on April 9th.

Total dictation is an annual educational event in the form of a voluntary dictation for everyone. Its goal is to show that being literate is important for every person; to convince that studying Russian is not easy, but it is exciting and useful; to unite all those who can or want to write and speak Russian.

The author of the text this year was Marina Stepnova, a Russian writer, translator and screenwriter. By tradition, the text of the dictation will be read by well-known TV presenters and public figures, professional philologists and teachers.

It will be possible to register on the sites from March 30 through the official website of the Total Dictation https://totaldict.ru/ufa/. You can also follow the news of the project there. All relevant information is also published on social networks of the action.

Anyone can participate in the Total Dictation, regardless of age, gender, education, religion, profession, marital status, interests and political views.

The event will take place from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. 9-101.


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