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USATU team presented the best solution for a power supply company


Students of the Department of Electromechanics "Shturmuy" won the All-Russian SWSU Case Champioship 2021 (SCC 2021). The competitions were held at the Southwestern State University (Kursk).

The Sturmui team (Salavat Kalimullin, Aigiz Gilyazov and Nikita Pakhomov) won a 1st grade diploma in the EnergoTech section.

In the assignment, a specific production problem was created, and it was necessary to find an innovative, most beneficial solution in terms of legal laws, legal norms and a technical and economic approach. Situation: an industrial enterprise that has a debt to an energy sales company supplies power to third-party electricity consumers who faithfully fulfill their obligations to pay for electricity, while if you turn off the power supply to an industrial enterprise, then ordinary consumers will be left without electricity. It is necessary to develop a set of organizational and technical measures to introduce restrictions on the supply of electricity to an industrial enterprise - a debtor. The team successfully coped with this task.

“Such problems are not uncommon for today's industrial enterprises,” say members of the Sturmuy team. “As future power engineers, we strive to become qualified specialists in the field of electric power, which means that we must be able to assess risks, calculate economic indicators, take into account the environmental aspects of projects, know the legal regulation of electricity supply in the Russian Federation and make the right decisions in such engineering problems.”

Note that the scientific leaders of the students are Associate Professors of the Department of Electromechanics Natalia Babikova, Nikolay Potapchuk, Diana Pashali.

The All-Russian Championship for Solving Engineering Cases SWSU Case Champioship 2021 (SCC 2021) is a practice-oriented educational project aimed at identifying and supporting the most promising students, graduates and young professionals, assistance in obtaining practical knowledge, experience and new competencies and attracting young specialists to the real sector economics, as well as the popularization of engineering and technical specialties.

Among the partners of the championship are the leading enterprises of the Central Federal District and Russia, who are interested in creating an effective tool for promoting the employment of graduates and their adaptation to work in real production, investing in the development of human capital.


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