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USATU students got acquainted with the key tasks of the ESG strategy


In the student space, "Trajectory" took place the meeting of the rector Sergey Novikov with the students of "Green pass to the future". They discussed about ESG strategy and why it should be included in the university's agenda, as well as other issues related to the environment and social responsibility.

Andrey Shpilenko, Director of the Association of Clusters, Technoparks and SEZs of Russia, Candidate of Economic Sciences, was the invited expert of the event.

The students learned that the abbreviation ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in Russian means doing business in accordance with environmental, social and corporate responsibility. As part of the ESG agenda, companies aim to protect the environment, take care of employees and customers, and participate in the public life of the regions where they operate.

As Rector Sergey Novikov noted, sustainable development is more than a global trend. This is a necessity dictated by the present. In addition, the task of the university is not only to convey what is being done in the field of solving environmental problems, but also to encourage young people to independently develop good habits and actively participate in solving the environmental problems of our country.

The principles of sustainable development today come to the fore and are actively introduced into the activities of companies and organizations. The economy needs specialists who understand in detail the principles of ESG and the corresponding tools.

Director of the Institute of Economics and Management Svetlana Lartseva explained about how the ESG topic is integrated into undergraduate programs. Taking into account the current agenda, master's programs will also be updated. Work is underway to create specialized programs for additional professional education on ESG topics. Businesses have a demand for cross-functional specialists who understand how to talk to the consumer in the ESG language. In addition, there is a huge field for development. Therefore, the training of such specialists is relevant for programs of all levels.

“Students need to develop such competencies in sustainable development issues so that our graduates bring this knowledge and skills to the corporate sector, government bodies and become valuable specialists in the labor market,” Svetlana Lartseva emphasized.

The invited expert Andrey Shpilenko addressed his speech to the students:

“Your university was the first in the country to discuss the issue of implementing ESG standards at the infrastructure site. USATU is becoming an expert platform that will develop those indicators that will be assessed for the implementation or achievement of sustainable development goals. We look forward to your active participation."

Further, the speaker spoke very brightly and emotionally about why modern business needs specialists who can implement ESG principles. The students were actively involved in the conversation and were happy to answer the expert's questions and ask their own.

After the meeting, Rector Sergey Novikov gave the honored guest a short tour of the laboratory of the Nanotech Center, where young specialists spoke about the research and development of USATU, which are carried out in the interests of customers - industrial partners of the university.

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