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USATU student won the IP Russia Awards


Winners of the First Russian IP Russia Awards have been announced. This year, for the first time, students were invited to participate the event.

Anna Melnikova, a student of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, won the first place in the special nomination "The best project in the field of eco-innovation in the oil industry". A fourth-year student of the Faculty of Emergency Situations will receive a prize of 200 thousand rubles and the opportunity to undergo an internship at Gazprom Neft.

The student celebrates her success in Italy: in the summer, she won a scholarship from the President of Russia to study abroad and is now on an internship at the University of Salerno.

“I am glad that my work was in the top three. In addition, the news of the championship plunged me into a pleasant shock, - says Anna. - This victory gives me great motivation and desire to continue my current research. Therefore, I would like to spend the money I won on special equipment that will allow me to delve deeper into my chosen topic, as well as enable other university students to take their first steps into science. I sincerely thank my mentors and teachers, headed by the head of the department of industrial safety and industrial ecology Alexei Elizariev. "

The joy of the young researcher is fully shared by her scientific supervisor, Associate Professor of the Department of industrial safety and industrial ecology Natalya Kostryukova.

“I start working with students of the Technosphere Safety direction from the second semester. I immediately noticed that Anya is very curious, in all classes she always asks questions, is keenly interested in the subject in order to find the underlying cause of it. There are not many such students, - comments Natalya Kostryukova.

- And in the second year, the student herself came up to me and said that she wanted to do scientific research. We were just getting ready for the All-Russian WorldSkills Forum "Professions of the Future", we set up demonstration experiments for schoolchildren, and Anya immediately got involved in work.

It was about the existing oil sorbents, which instantly absorb oil spilled on the water, and the water becomes clear. During the preparation of experiments in the laboratory, we got the idea to use waste as a sorbent, in particular, beet pulp. Anya and I patented this idea and conducted a number of additional studies to improve the properties of the oil sorbent. Now Anya, in addition to the patent, has two computer programs, an article in Scopus and a large number of diplomas and prizes for participation in international and Russian conferences.

After a month of joint work, I promised Anya that with such a great desire to work, her activity and interest, she would be able to get an internship abroad as early as the 4th year. She did not believe it, because Masters Students usually win scholarships. But now, she won and is now training in Salerno!

Anya is an amazing person. She manages not only to study well, but also to engage in scientific research. In addition, this is a very painstaking work, because most of the time is spent preparing for the experiment and processing the results. In addition, she finds time to participate in the environmental movement, various quests, CCRs (Club of the cheerful and resourceful) and other activities.

Without a doubt, after completing her bachelor's degree, Anya will go to master's degree. And since she no longer wants to teach, but to engage in scientific research, I am sure that the graduate school awaits her as well”.

The rector of USATU Sergey Novikov addressed his congratulations to the student:

“I am proud of the victory of our student and look forward to Anya's return from her internship from Italy to personally wish her success and discuss the trajectory of her further studies and research.

I want to note that the competitive events organized for student youth in large numbers in the Year of Science and Technology have clearly shown and proved that students are ready to plunge into the wonderful world of science with great enthusiasm and offer their interesting, sometimes non-standard, ideas and solutions. We are only required to more actively support our young Lomonosovs. "


For reference

Student Anna Melnikova is a member of the USATU development team, who have patented their own method of obtaining a new sorbent. It is based on beet pulp (waste from sugar beet processing).

The product has a number of significant advantages over sorbents already used in the oil industry. It is made from cheap and affordable raw materials, environmentally friendly, and in terms of its qualities, it surpasses the sorbents available on the market based on vermiculite and moss.

The authors use natural, readily available material. Nevertheless, the advantage is not only in organic matter: the production uses waste, and this is a double benefit from an environmental point of view. Moreover, there are two sugar factories in Bashkortostan, each of which produces about 400 thousand tons of bagasse.

The new sorbent purifies water from oil products according to the standard principle: the contaminated area is fenced off with booms and sprinkled with them. After a certain time, the powder absorbs the oil product, and the mixture is collected and disposed.

Currently, the scope of development is expanding. Scientists have tried using a new sorbent to clean up contaminated soil, and it has shown excellent results.


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