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USATU student became one of the Top 100 cyber-sportsmen in the world


At the last Hearthstone Masters tournament, our student Bayras Kometa Guzairov took 94th place among the 400 best players in the world.

“Hearthstone is an e-Sport called a 'competitive puzzle' and requires a player to have a developed ability to analyze, predict and adapt to constantly changing unique situations,” explains Svyatoslav Pegov, head of the UGATU e-Sports sector, President of the e-Sports association of Bashkortostan. - And Bayras has all these qualities required for this competition. Moreover, most importantly, he has something that separates just an excellent player from a champion: in any situation, he maintains an iron calm and works where others lose their nerves. I am sure that our cyber athlete has every chance of getting into the Top 50, and even the Top 10 of the world ranking. "

Bayras Guzairov is 19 years old; he is a second year student in the specialty "Automation of technological processes". Likes to watch movies, anime, plays chess perfectly. He started participating in cyber competitions in 2018.

“I didn't have the skills yet, but participating in tournaments was so exciting! - says the student. - I learned that local competitions in Hearthstone held in Ufa, and met many strong players, because these were matches with a friendly atmosphere. In addition, this year he applied and invited to the e-sports section of the USATU.

My passion for e-Sports brings me joy, and besides, I can earn money by playing my favorite game. My parents are not against my hobby, but they are very worried that it does not affect my studies. Mom was genuinely surprised when she found out that I had won $ 750. She did not assume that you could make money by playing on the computer.

I myself believe that E-sport interferes with learning no more than other sports; you need to be able to manage time properly. The problem only arises when the competition coincides with the academic sessions.

It seems to me that my passion for cyber-sport will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am interested in other e-sports areas; I watch tournaments, many of which are much more interesting than those shown on TV.

After graduation, I would like to make my hobby as my living, but if it does not work out, I can always find a job in my specialty. "

Note that e-sports at USATU has existed for three years, and during this time the university has established itself as one of the leading e-sports universities in the country. Thus, the university team took 5th place in the final of the All-Russian e-Sports student league. In addition, the e-Sports sector constantly participates in the organization and conduct of many student competitions, including all-Russian competitions. In addition to purely student activities, some of the students participated in semi-professional e-sports teams and received salaries. Now e-sportsmen have the opportunity to receive credits for physical education subject for e-sports achievements, and the university team has received additional motivation to improve sports results.


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