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USATU should be at the forefront of the development of e-sports in the republic


The university hosted a meeting dedicated to the development of computer sports in the republic and the university, with the participation of the rector, vice-rectors, deans, and heads of departments, representatives of the e-sports sector, the youth policy department and the student trade union committee.

 “There was a constructive discussion of the tasks that modern technological progress and social trends pose for the university,” comments Svyatoslav Pegov, chairperson of the Bashkortostan Electronic Sports Federation, head of the USATU e-sports sector. - A wide board discussed the development of e-sports and its application in educational, educational and scientific processes. An important task was to achieve harmony between virtual and real processes, which is the foundation of the modern digital personality, which the university should educate. The potential for international cooperation in the field of esports was also discussed.”

It should be noted that Russia became the first country in the world to recognize e-sports, this was in 2001. The Russian e-sports audience today is one of the largest in the world, and this is a serious help for domestic developers. The e-sports industry has a high economic potential, and the creation of games, e-sports is a catalyst for the development of the IT sector.

“Ten years ago, the concept of e-sports was not taken seriously, but today it is a young and very trendy industry, which involves a huge amount of resources,” Rector Sergey Novikov emphasized in his speech. – In addition, this is a fast-growing market, where the audience grows naturally. Therefore, USATU should be more actively involved in the development and implementation of the best e-sport practices in the educational, scientific and educational systems of the university, involving interested people and sponsors in this. E-sports are the games of the future, and in Bashkiria, USATU should be at the forefront of them.”



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