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From this month on, all-important news on the university website and in social networks is available in English. USATU master’s student Koggala Liyanage Chethana Meshan officially performs this work. In addition, our student takes part in official negotiations with foreign delegations coming to USATU.

Meshan, originally from Sri Lanka, came to Russia seven years ago. His native languages are Sinhala and English, and he began to study Russian at the preparatory department of one of the universities in Maykop (Republic of Adygea). It was then that he fell in love with the language of Pushkin and Tolstoy and began to study in more depth.

Despite his busy schedule, Meshan was happy to answer questions. We present to your attention an interview with our new employee.

- Now you are studying for a master's degree, do you like studying, USATU and Ufa?

- When I first came to Bashkir, I did not know what to expect. Today I know Ufa well; I am used to the way of life in this city. If we compare Ufa with other larger cities in Russia, I like the culture, people and quality of life in the capital of Bashkortostan. Therefore, after receiving my bachelor's degree, I chose Ufa and USATU to continue my studies.

I received my bachelor's degree at the faculty of AEET in the specialty of "Technical operation of aircraft and engines." Now I am a first-year Master's student at the IATM in the specialty of “Design and technological support for machine-building industries."

- What are your plans after completing your studies at USATU?

- I plan to stay in Russia, continue my studies and work. I want to open my own business in Russia. One of the options is to open a Sri Lankan restaurant in Ufa. I think my friends and I can do it. (Most recently, Meshan translated the menu in the canteen buffets of the USATU into English, so he is already familiar with local preferences and tastes.)

- Do you like your new job as a translator?

- Of course. First, I would like to say thank you so much to the Rector Sergei Vladimirovich Novikov for the opportunity he gave me. Thanks to this, I gain new knowledge and skills, meet interesting people. For example, I recently participated in negotiations with representatives of universities in Qatar and Sri Lanka. This is a great life experience for me.

- Do you manage to combine work and study?

- Yes. I do most of the translations online. Therefore, I have enough time to academic studies. I study every day and hand over all practical and laboratory work on time.

- How did your parents and friends react to your new responsibilities?

- My parents and friends are very happy for me. Especially my parents are very proud of me. Because it is not so easy to find a job and live independently in another country where the main language of communication is not English.

In the photo: Koggala Liyanage Chethana Meshan at a meeting with the representative of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Gunasinghe Uruliyanage Don Lasantha from Sri Lanka.


P.S. In August, we talked about the third-year student of FAEET Epakha Nzekh Fotokh. During the summer, the student from Cameroon, as part of a construction team, carried out repair work on the university square, near to the MiG-19 monument aircraft - the trademark of USATU (More). Currently, another foreign student is employed - the hero of this article, Koggala Liyanage Chethana Meshan.

The rector of the university Sergey Novikov came up with an initiative to recruit foreign students to the departments of the university according to their qualifications.


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