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The largest industry events - the Russian Energy Forum and the XXVIII International Specialized Exhibition "Energy of the Urals" - have begun their work at VDNKh-EXPO.

By tradition, USATU is one of the most active participants in the forum. In the course of the work, several events are planned with the participation of representatives of the university. One of the central events of the forum was the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems". The congress hall of the exhibition center brought together representatives of energy companies and enterprises, the scientific community and the young generation of future energy workers - university students.

The following issues are on the agenda: electrical complexes and systems, electromechanics and electrical apparatus, electrical equipment of aircraft, electric vehicles, modern information and digital technologies in the energy sector. Among the speakers are well-known professors from USATU and other leading Russian universities. The speakers of the events were Professor of the Department of Electromechanics Flyur Ismagilov and Director of the Advanced Engineering School "Motors of the Future" Vyacheslav Vavilov.

Today it is also planned to hold round tables "Application of digital and IT solutions in the electric power industry: modern limitations and ways of development" and "Energy saving: implementation practice and ways to improve energy efficiency."

During the first event, modern information and digital technologies in the energy sector will be considered, the development of which is necessary for the transition to a digital economy during the transition to Industry 4.0. and what are the ways for advanced technological development of the electric power industry.

The following questions will be presented for discussion at the second round table: current trends in the development of energy use in the world and in Russia in the context of the sanctions policy; energy saving trends among producers and consumers of energy resources; hydrogen energy; features of the development of energy-saving technologies in relation to various types of energy resources.

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