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USATU delegation took part in the forum “Innovations. Technology. Production"


In Rybinsk, after a two-year break, held the VIII International Technological Forum “Innovations. Technology. Production".

For two days, the participants of the event discussed import substitution strategies, equipment markets, new materials and technologies, coordination of science and business, development of domestic software, and educational technologies.

In the section, "Hybrid and electric power plants" a report was made by acting Head of the Department of Electromechanics Vyacheslav Vavilov.

Aleksey Zyryanov, Head of the Department of Aircraft Engines, took part in the section "Formation of proposals for updating the Strategy for scientific and technological development of JSC "UEC", during which leading experts and employees of the corporation's enterprises discussed the most relevant technological trends in the field of aircraft engines, industrial gas turbine units, engines marine applications, and also identified the range of technologies in demand in engine building in the next five years and identified technologies that can be borrowed from related industries.

Participants of the round table on the UEC corporate accelerator, among whom was Timur Razyapov, head of the project initiatives department of the technology transfer center, discussed the issues of a new format for introducing university developments into the production of enterprises. We outlined cooperation plans for holding accelerator events at USATU until 2023. Recall that the UEC Corporate Accelerator is a set of measures to support projects to solve the problems of the UEC from the “idea” level to the “prototype” level.

In addition, the USATU delegation was invited to visit the Rybinsk State Aviation Technical University at the Department of Aircraft Engines.

“Head of the department Alexander Remezov gave us a tour of the university,” commented Timur Razyapov. - He showed the old building of the university, built in the 19th century, where the Rybinsk Aviation Institute was located before the evacuation to Ufa. He spoke about aircraft engines - unique exhibits placed at the university.

Together with Alexey Zyryanov, we discussed with colleagues the issues of engineering education for aircraft engines, the prospects for the Wings of Rostec program, as well as work on the federal program to create advanced engineering schools. In Rybinsk, as well as in Ufa, a lot of high-tech industries are concentrated, so the dynamic development of industry is possible only in cooperation with universities.”

At the end of the event, our scientists and specialists invited colleagues to the All-Russian Forum "Import Independence of Aircraft Manufacturing", which will be held on June 2-4 at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University.

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