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USATU at "Sirius"


Representatives of USATU take part in the Congress of young scientists and the VIII annual national exhibition "Vuzpromexpo" in Sochi, in the park of science and art "Sirius". These events became key events of the Year of Science and Technology, the finale of a large campaign in support of Russian education.

The delegation of the Republic of Bashkortostan included Rector Sergei Novikov, head of laboratories of metals and alloys under extreme impacts at USATU, Elena Korznikova and junior researcher of the EM department Anton Mednov.

The scientific and educational exhibition "Vuzpromexpo" is being held for the eighth time. The exposition program presents more than 350 scientific and technological developments of Russian universities and industrial companies, world-class scientific and educational centers, etc.

At the united exhibition stand of Bashkortostan, the world-class Eurasian REC presented the first results of its breakthrough technological projects. Recall that USATU is a member of the Eurasian REC and is implementing five technological projects within its framework.

At Vuzpromexpo-2021, our scientists demonstrated their advanced technical solutions.

  • Starter-generator with the ability to integrate the 6th generation fighters on the shaft of an aviation GTE;

  • Technology for obtaining biomimetic coatings for permanent implants;

  • Nanostructured composite multilayer coatings.

The consultant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrei Fursenko also visited the exposition of our republic.

For more information about the developments of our partners at the world-class Eurasian REC, youth laboratories and other presentation projects of the scientific and educational center, presented at the stand, see the website of the IA "Bashinform".


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