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USATU and USPTU complete REC strategy session on advanced engineering schools


The work of the joint USATU with USPTU of the strategic session of the Eurasian REC, dedicated to the implementation of the federal project to create advanced engineering schools in the regions of Russia, is coming to an end.

Behind five active days of meetings, expert reports, brainstorming sessions, reflections, discussions and discussions.

The participants themselves sum up the results of the activity.

Denis Gulin, Director of the Eurasian Polytechnic School of USPTU:

“We worked very productively, we moved to the stage of communication between our thematic groups and groups of organizers of the educational process. This transition obliges to build communications and put forward mutual requirements for each other, and then we are already proceeding to a detailed design of the process of interaction between the various participants in the advanced school being created. Sometimes we argue, but we find a compromise. Compared to Monday, when we came up with inter-module results, there is certainly progress, and this is encouraging.”

Lyubov Neugodnikova, Associate Professor of the Department of Electronic Engineering, USATU:

“Our task is to build a model of an advanced engineering school together with the Oil University. It will train people who have the competencies of an engineer as a creative person who designs not just new parts, but changes the industry and education. We can say that in this way we form one of the entrances to the digital economy.

There are many ideas, but there are also many doubts. We don’t know yet what will work out of this, but we hope that we will prepare a good application that will be favorably considered and accepted.”

Diana Pashali, Associate Professor, Department of Electromechanics, USATU:

“The Advanced Engineering School is a very important project for our university and our department of electromechanics. At the strategy session, we got an idea of ​​how to apply, decided on the frontiers in electric propulsion and building an electric aircraft. We learned to clearly understand the roles of teachers, educators, craftsmen, mentors from production in this project. And for me personally, it was very important to interact with colleagues from the Petroleum University to exchange knowledge and experience.”

Evgeny Parfyonov, adviser to the rector's office of the USATU on interaction with the Eurasian REC:

“A model of the process of conducting research in an advanced engineering school has been formed. We are convinced that our work should be supplemented with an important element - this is the construction of a problematic agenda with industrial partners. The university must enter the new role of a technology entrepreneur in order to identify bottlenecks together with representatives of industrial partners. Accordingly, it is necessary to carry out joint advanced R&D to eliminate these bottlenecks, and to train specialists who will already be able to work in the new problematic agenda.

That is, you need to understand that with all the advanced production, there will always be bottlenecks that need to be expanded. And the university is needed here as a holder of frontier competencies in research, so that advanced engineering developments are based on these advanced research.”

Recall that the technical universities of the Eurasian REC, developing their existing competencies, are working on the creation of the "Eurasian Polytechnic School" and the "Higher Engineering School of Aerospace Technologies", which are strategic projects of universities within the program of strategic academic leadership "Priority-2030".

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