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USATU and MIPT have launched a combined undergraduate program "Aircraft Engineering"


With the cooperation of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University), the Ufa State Aviation Technical University is launching a new combined educational program in the direction of training bachelors "Aircraft Engineering". The emphasis in preparation will be placed on an in-depth study of mathematics, physics, computer science and numerical modeling methods in the field of aircraft engineering.

A feature of this program is the participation of MIPT teachers in the educational process, the opportunity for USATU students to visit and use the MIPT laboratory facilities. In addition, this means that the Ufa students will be able to undergo scientific practice in the field of aircraft engineering and continue their studies in the MIPT master's program in the future.

It should be reminded that USATU already has a network educational program for training IT-specialists “Software Engineering” jointly with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

 “The implementation of network educational programs is a factor in the availability of high-quality professional education for USATU students and contributes to the creation of a single educational space. In addition, this allows expanding the educational potential of the entire region,” said Rector Sergei Novikov.



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