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The Ural Championship in Sports Programming ended at Ufa State Aviation Technical University


The results of the jubilee XXV Ural Championship in sports programming, which has been held for the fifth year at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University, have been summed up. This year it was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of USATU.

The winner was the Unexpected Value team from ITMO University, which from the very beginning took the lead and was confidently going to win the cup. Sergei Zolotarev, Maxim Kuzin and Semyon Stepanov were part of the St. Petersburg team.

It should be noted that ITMO University has the strongest training school in sports programming in the country, and the university teams have repeatedly become winners of the International Student Programming Olympiad ICPC.

results of the standings.

The teams that solved 11 and 12 problems were awarded diplomas of the first degree:

ITMO: Unexpected Value (Zolotarev, Kuzin, Stepanov);

ITMO: pengzoo (Golikov, Yakovlev, Perveev).

Teams that solved 8 problems received diplomas of the second degree:

Perm SU: Cats (Subbotin, Sidorenko, Yurchatov);

SPb SU: Data Vase (Budnikov, Musina, Gladchenko);

Ural FU: Leones y tigres (Trifochkin, Barinov, Kogut).

The teams that solved 7 problems were awarded with diplomas of the third degree:

Orenburg SU: feel_good (Kurynov, Bely, Sagitov);

Ural FU: CheezeKEK (Tsepov, Chizhov, Reshke);

MAI #2 (Muftiyev, Sorokin, Belousov).

Our students also showed good results. Team UGATU Tool Assisted Speedcoders (Trubin, Sakhapov, Tyurganov) entered the top ten of the tournament rating, being one step away from prizes.

The organizers of the competition say a huge thank you to all the participants for coming to the capital of Bashkiria and are looking forward to students again in a year.

We emphasize that the development of contests for the trial and main rounds, as well as the organization of the work of the jury, was carried out by Associate Professor of the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Yulia Valiakhmetova and Senior Lecturer Artem Ripatti.

Special thanks to the sponsors and co-organizers of the competition:

Gazprom Neft PJSC is the general sponsor of the XXV Ural Open Sports Programming Championship. Thanks to their contribution, our competition has actually reached a new level.

In addition, most importantly, Gazprom Neft PJSC has established several modern and up-to-date master's programs in the IT cluster at the best universities in the country. If you are finishing a bachelor's degree, then it is time to take a closer look at the indicated areas, it will definitely be interesting and exciting there.

USATU: "Digital technologies in corporate systems";

USPTU: "Administration and project management in the field of IT in the oil industry";

OmSTU: "Digital effective solutions";

ITMO: "Functional safety of unmanned vehicles";

SPbPU of Peter the Great: "IT infrastructure of the enterprise", "Digital economy and business analytics", "Cybersecurity of the oil and gas industry".

 "Modulbank" - the studentsmake the best bank for business and are always looking for cool specialists. Moreover, they do not have a vertical management system, so it’s very comfortable to work there: https://job.modulbank.ru/

The GeoTEC Company (The GeoTEC) is a permanent sponsor of the Ural Championship in Ufa. In addition, every year they prepare incredible performances: either they survey our competition, riding a scooter around the site, or they prepare a real show with cutting the impossible at the opening: http://www.primegeo.ru/kompaniya/karyera.html

The Information Technology Center "Open Region" is another of our regular sponsors, who invests both strength and soul in the competition, and is waiting for the most productive employees in their team: https://openregion.info/about/jobs/

Gazprombank is one of the largest universal banks in Russia, which always welcomes cool and smart students to do cool things together:


Of course, we cannot forget about the co-organizer of the Ural Championship, our colleagues and good friends from SKB Kontur: https://kontur.ru/career/vacancies/city-5457

In addition, the Ural Federal University has been the co-organizer of the Ural Championship throughout its existence, providing a verification system for holding competitions, as well as remote technical support for organizing reliable interaction.


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