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"UGATU. START" - a large-scale immersion in the university environment


The beginning of the academic year for the current USATU freshmen has become unusual. Throughout the first week of school, instead of the usual classes, the guys got acquainted with the university. And not only geographically, they learned to find the right audiences and locations.

For the first time this year, the university is holding a large-scale five-day introductory marathon to involve freshmen in the life of the university, get acquainted with the infrastructure of the university and establish strong bonds between the student and the alma mater.

Under the guidance of experienced mentors, the first-year students completely immersed themselves in the university environment in order to better understand that the university is not only lectures and laboratory classes, but also an exciting creative process, interesting scientific activities, the Olympiad movement, real, paid work in design bureaus, and also sports life and leisure activities.

As part of the federal educational marathon "New Start" from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the guys listened to the best motivational and educational lectures from the speakers of the "Knowledge" society.

During the career track, young people received comprehensive information about all areas of scientific research and innovative developments of USATU. We learned how to competently build an educational and scientific trajectory, participate in competitions and receive special scholarships and grant support, where you can get an internship, implement a business idea, and find a job. We got acquainted with the basics of entrepreneurial activity, youth scientific associations and structures, with a list of competitions, conferences and olympiads in which you can take part from the 1st year.

At the lessons of the sports-tourism and environmental modules, the first-year students were introduced to the whole range of university activities that support a healthy lifestyle. Teachers of the Department of Physical Education commented on sports areas and specializations, and the heads of clubs and sections invited to join their teams.

How to realize yourself in music, dance, become a volunteer or a student team member, participate in an interesting forum or get support for a youth initiative? All this was explained in detail to the children at the meeting by trade union leaders and leaders of youth movements and collectives.

The first-year students were told about the useful resources of the global information space and the ability to use them by the library staff. And they immediately helped to register in the necessary electronic library systems.

It was extremely important to get acquainted with the rules of conduct and safety standards on the territory of the university campus. Along the way, newcomers were given to understand where to go in case of unforeseen situations.

But where to apply for the necessary documents and certificates, the students were told by the staff of the Multifunctional Student Office.

We emphasize that during the course, students could earn tokens for their activity, and then exchange them for branded prizes.

All meetings and acquaintances were held in an easy, relaxed atmosphere, so that freshmen could ask for clarifications or questions at any time. And in order to bring fellow students closer and consolidate the skills of teamwork, senior tutors worked with students, involving the children in joint fun creativity.


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