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Today is the 36th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant


April 26, 1986 because of an explosion, the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was completely destroyed. The decay products of nuclear fuel released into the atmosphere were carried by air currents over large areas, causing their radioactive contamination not only near the nuclear power plant, but also hundreds and even thousands of kilometers from the accident site. After the explosion, the wind carried radioactive dust not only across the territory of the USSR, but also across Europe and America. Researchers at one of the Arctic bases said that they learned about the accident a day later, because the regular dosimeter began to go off scale. A 30-kilometer exclusion zone was created around the accident site, which exists to this day.

A whole generation has already grown up that did not experience this terrible tragedy. Maybe we should forget this story already? The expert, acting, answers this question. Dean of the Faculty of Protection in Emergency Situations Irina Vdovina.

 “Unfortunately, not only we, but also our children and grandchildren will have to remember this story,” the scientist comments. - As an ecologist, I can say about the huge damage suffered by the forest ecosystem of Pripyat. Everything is infected: soil, wood, mushrooms, berries, plants. The entire forest poses a danger to humans even now.

The recovery processes are very slow, and it is not possible to speed them up with any engineering and technical measures from any point of view. We need to wait for a change in the natural ecosystem. Even then ... In nature, after all, nothing goes anywhere, and the radionuclides remaining in the wood even after the death of the tree will still fall into the ground. From which a new tree will later grow, but saturated with all the same radioactive substances. And when a normal background is established in this territory, it is extremely difficult to predict.”

That is why it is necessary to remember the mistakes of the past and try with all your might not to repeat them in the future.


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